Massage envy nyc happy ending San Angelo, Texas

massage envy nyc happy ending San Angelo, Texas

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I made an appointment at the Massage Envy in Garwood happy endings? in texas it’s through the health department. can go online and file a.

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Massage envy nyc happy ending San Angelo, Texas 113
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Back in May, I made an appointment at the Massage Envy in Garwood NJ. Since I have never been there before, I did not have any therapist in particular that I was looking to go to, so they scheduled me with Christopher. I showed up for my scheduled appointment and just had a weird felling about it from the beginning.

When getting into the room, Christopher left so i could disrobe and get under the sheet. Upon returning he adjusted down the lights and pulled down the sheet to start the massage. Most of the massage was fine, but I still just had a weird, uncomfortable feeling about it.

Towards the end of the massage when Christopher was massage the front of my legs, he went all the way up my legs and PUT HIS FINGER INSIDE MY VAGINA!! I immediately told him to stop, and he did, however, NOT APPROPRIATE in anyway.

After I was dressed and out of the room, I immediately asked to speak to a manager. I spoke to her and there response was that it was going to be looked into and he would be immediately suspended right after he was done with the female client that was scheduled right after me.

A couple days later after having a clear head, I decided that I needed to report this situation to the police. I did so and an investigation was started. OF course Christopher denied the whole thing ever happened, as well as massage envy basically denying Texas it happened as well since he is still working there.

With the proper use if an extra small towel it is possible for me to work the glutes and pelvis more than adequately with underwear on. I also use a sheet drape and only uncover the bodypart to be worked on and the cover it again when finished, Texas. So when I peel back the sheet to uncover a leg to be massage, the crease of the sheet actually creates a barrier from the sex organs and that crease is just never crossed.

I also keep my room very cold and a full sheet drape keeps the client from getting chilled. This practice reduces any initial psychological doubts in the mind of a client and provides security to the session. What is wrong with a finger in the vagina? Happy Endings are awesome. It would never occur to me to want to sexualize such an encounter. You were probably leading him on. I think you were in the wrong for being there, and he probably caught wiff of your womanhood and could not help himself.

I Texas dont want to be sexually assaulted, get a female massage therapist next time. This is a non-commercial complaint and consumer information site and is not associated with or condoned by Massage Envy Franchising, LLC. If you are looking for the official web site for Massage Envy, you can find it at Massage Envy and Massage Envy Spa are registered trademarks of Massage Envy Franchising, LLC.

Skip to content Home Forum Share Your Story Take Action Contact Us Links. How do you allow some one that even had a question of possible SEXUAL ASSAULT. This entry was posted in Stories and tagged appointmentcorporate officefrontTexas, officepolice. As a male therapist with twenty six years experience and having done over thirty thousand professional sessions, all my clients remain in their underwear bottomsor I have special white generic unisex underwear garment they can wear so no oil gets on their own underwear.

I eat out all my chink massage girls.

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