Happy ending massage areas in rosemead ca Vancouver, Washington

happy ending massage areas in rosemead ca Vancouver, Washington

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There's a Vietnamese resteraunt in Rosemead, CA Fujing and Fujian are areas in I know a guy that got offered a " happy ending " at that particular massage.
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View Full Version : Are some chinese restaurant names jokes? Can they be both real chinese names but also chosen because of their english phonetic double entendre? Not particularly funny, until you read the sign closely:. On a recent trip, I ate at the A-Won buffet in New Martinsville, WV. In Portland, OR we have the Hung Far Low cocktail bar. Apparently most of these names, including Hung Far Low, do actually translate into common Cantonese restaurant names.

I went there fairly often when I worked downtown; apparently it happy ending massage areas in rosemead ca Vancouver to be called the Lo-Wang, but got switched around. I like yours better, though. Needless to say I never ate there. How many Chinese dudes do you know named Ollie? They might be very good at cooking Vietnamese food, but still name their restuarant in Chinese.

They often will serve Chinese food in their Vietnamese restaurant. Things like names for a business and the whole idea of bringing luck Washington it to be sucessful are very superstitious for the Chinese. They would joke around with that.

Yeung sounds more like "Yerng" and Hung is pronounced more like "Houong. Let me be the first, in this thread different types of japanese massage West Covina, California least, to mention Fu King myfirstpornscene.info.

Around here, there used to be a Chinese restaurant named King of Kings. Where would Jesus eat? There is a Thai place near where I used to live called Poo Ping Palace.

Was that, maybe, in Glendale, CA? The apostrophe I just put into the name, however, did not exist on their sign. Hung Fat, just oustide Philadelphia USA.

Since this thread has completely broken down:. A chinese restaurant owner and his hard working wife were finally in bed. One that never made it was a seafood restaurant in the Blue Mountains that was nearly called Salmon On The Mount, Washington.

We also have Wok Pool. So just like many other businesses, Chinese restaurants will use a punish Name to increase business.

Around here we used to have the Beau Thai. I best positions of making love Carlsbad, California by the Yum Mee Chinese Restaurant occasionally. Used to be on Westchester Avenue in the Bronx.

Since I know Chinese, Washington, I can tell you that the English names of Chinese restaurants do indeed translate phonetically to the Chinese characters, for the most part. This is almost surely true for establishments actually run by Chinese owners.

For example, the Chinese character that phonetically translates to "Fook" means prosperity or good fortune, not that other meaning that some people think of. The joke is, in Japan, Kitsune are fox spirits-bad luck. Place went belly-up, more than once. Not a Chinese resteraunt but a knitwear factory near where I used to work. Tin Lung There was a Japanese restaurant here in Nashville called the Kitsune.

There is a good vegitarian soup called Kitsune Udon, maybe they just specialised in that. Apparently Kitsune - Fox Spirits - love Tofu, and love Tofu soup Ah Lee? They have since changed their name. Fa or Far - Probably mean being endowed with good luck, or to succeed, grow. King - This is the Cantonese version of Jing, which means gold.

Lo - Probably means the kind of building or inn you drink wine in literally "floor". Foo or Fu - Fujing and Fujian are areas in China.

For example, Shanghai means literally "upper sea. As chinese american, I find them absolutely hilarious given the owners have no idea how bad these sound. In their culture, names are chosen for luck and feng shui purposes. There really are things named Super happy luck dish of the seven seas, or whatever. Fu also means luck. Fun or Fen or Feng - Probably means phoenix, but on menus probably means thick noodles. As a rule of thumb. Beijing is china, Peking probably not. There are a number of Kosher Chinese and Japanese restaurants Washington the word "Mit Su Yun" in their names.

A really good bilingual pun, though, is a Japanese restaurant in Arlington, Mass. There are any number called Lee Ho Fook or similar. I was looking for that place, to get a big dish of beef chow mein. Great info, thanks einhander. Taiwanese or cantonese maybe. Now if it was Hua Yuan, that would be flower garden. Only one way to tell. Apropos of nothing, I know a guy that got offered a "happy ending" at that particular massage parlor. The funniest here in Augusta, IMHO, is called House of Cheung King of Wing.

Closer to home, the one we frequent is simply called China Restaurant. Severed duck and chicken feet? Well, maybe they keep those in back.

As to the OP, my guess is that sometimes there may be deliberate intent in naming these resaurants, but most of the time probably not. I think that most of the time, errors in both directions are inadvertant. The joke was that every now and then some joker would come by and paint out the n.