Massage envy happy ending virginia Everett, Washington

massage envy happy ending virginia Everett, Washington

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Remember when their website read "Lick the Kitty"? For handjobs with vibrators Fort Wayne, Indiana most part they are located in Houses or apartment buildings, some are offices by there own. After I made many complaints in writing to the Law enforcement of Everett Washington, up pop new offices. Each of these LMP licensed massage Practitioner Massage offices have a cubicle you enter.

Each Cubicle has a sliding window to receive money thru and a peephole to view you with. I attended the Airport Massage office one sunday morning and had to give my money thru the window. I had called earlier with my complaint and told "oh yes we open, you come right way". Once I had handed my money thru I was met at the next door by an ugly Oriental woman dressed in a black negliget. I suspected there was a problem at that point but I was in such horrible pain I thought I was just seeing things.

Once inside the room I was told to undress completely and lay upon the massage bed. The ugly lady left the room. O K, now wheres the blankets and the heating blanket my other LMPs at the Chirpractor uses? All I see is a very small towel on the bed. So I undress and lay face down on the bed and toss the towel over my fanny. The massage review denver Allentown, Pennsylvania lady returns.

I answe righ there in the parking lot, Washington. I answered lady "I dont care, I need help here, Im sore right here and here", pointing to my right shoulder. She comes over and pulls the towel off my behind, "well you roll over we take look at you". I argue I dont need My dick rubbed I am having back spasms. I hadnt ever noticed these places Washington until this day and I began to photograph the businesses, cars parked about them, people coming and going at all times of the day.

Not once did I ever see a woman drive up, get out and go in. These are nothing but a prostitution organization endorsed by local police, and yes I have pictures of that as well, massage envy happy ending virginia Everett.

Business open after dusk in Everett. There are far more massage parlors involved, they exist in every large city, even Spokane. Hello AKK and KO. Robin: Airport Massage Batman, just checek their website at Erotic MP They have stores located statewide and you can click on their webiste tab called Free Fuck. That takes you to which says "welcome to internets largets adult dating website, who do you wanna meet?

You have to become a VIP to get their phone nuber but they take any credit card you own. My masseuse is a legal LMP and takes medicaid for payment, massage envy happy ending virginia Everett. My masseuses is in no women massage therapist Abilene, Texas connected to austin happy ending massage parlor San Jose, California prstiution or anyone connected to this ring, nor does she touch me sexually as you find in these establishments.

A similar establishment that also provides sexual services. Prostitution hasnt been removed, its just hidden if you look are enough, Do not make the mistake and report it, the US Government will come after you by any means they find resourceful. I am living proof as Im now being told to pay the attorney General for filing my complaint.

Do not got to these places for a medical massage, these establishments are for sexual favors only. They will not show up on your medical records nor can you be or become reimbursed. You will be sued and regret it. I filed my complaint in Good Faith thinking I was the first to massage envy happy ending virginia Everett it.

What an idiot I was, but they ahd me on so many drugs I couldnt drive a car straight wither, so they took my drivers license away from me for life and now they want me to pay fines in hundreds of dollars if not thousands to get it back. God Bless, or should I state Judge Bless, since they are God and have been since the bible was written.

Then, the guards get to legally stuff their fingers up Washington rectum or whatever else they feel they want to. Ive had several things shoved up my ass while in different jails in this country. I get it every time.