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Southgate & Crawley Central is an electoral division of West Sussex in the United Kingdom, and returns one member to sit on West Sussex County Council.

A Hawaiian friend joked with Hamish he should be in slippahs and boardshorts for a, always up for a lark, a wee frozen surf photo session started! The lads, well into their sold-out Irish Christmas tour of Canada, rocked the packed house, with Irish jigs and reels, their classic hit songs, and some Christmas songs too.

Geoffrey Kelly is a great player on flutes and whistles, has played with the band many times, and was drafted in as Wilcil McDowell could not be on this tour. Back to the real reason for being there - The Irish Rovers evening concert at the Edmonton Century Casino. Another long autograph signing line. He normally plays as a founding member of Canadian Celtic bands Spirit of the Westand now The Paperboys, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu.

Opposite, the Coast Bastion Hotel adjoined the Port Theatreso Hamish could escape the wet, cold weather to see The Irish Rovers soundcheck - the lads are Hawai serious about their sound and music. Another long autograph signing off next door to the hotel bar for a wee tour wrap-up party!

A fun few days with The Irish Rovers in Canada, Hawai. He comes down to Maui every year, and was keen to catch up on the Maui news. The sleeping earth was heading toward re-awakening. Evergreen trees were seen as a reminder that spring would bring re-birth. Druids ceremoniously cut mistletoe, and offerings were made to the Gods for the return of the Sun. Mistletoe was sacred, and as well as an antidote for poisons had a fertility connection, carried on to this day as the tradition of "kissing under happy ending massage reviews suffolk co ny Vista, California mistletoe".

They also visited with talented Celtic leatherworker Rudi Diesveltalso a fine jeweller and Celtic renaissance man. Rudi had a booth in the maketplace down on Granville Island seasonal - check his website for current locations.

Rudy also crafts one-off custom items of museum quality, in silver and leather. Check it out at They also caught up with inimitable Geordie singer-songwriter Tim Readmanat his regular Thursday night gig at Cafe Montmatre Main St.

He was joined tonight by Craig McKerron on mandolin who he plays with in the duo The Eventually Brothersand by Gerard Kerr on bodhran one of his old bandmates in Fear of Drinking.

They played a fun set on traditional, Hawai, contemporary, and even some Christmas tunes and songs. Distributed in the Vancouver and Seattle areas, you can subscribe to the paper and have it sent to you anywhere.

Hawaiian - Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hauoli Makahiki Hou. Scots Gaelic- Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ur. Irish - Nollaig Shona agus Bliain Nua Mhaith.

Manx - Nollick Ghennal as Blein Vie Noa. Welsh - Nadolig LLawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. Cornish - Nadelik Looan ha Chinese oil massage happy ending Rochester, Minnesota Nowydh Da. Breton - Nedeleg Laouen na Bloav Ezh Mat. Galician - Bon Exotic massage girls El Monte, California e Bo Ani Novo.

Mahalo thankyou to all our friends and customers who supported Maui Celtic this year. A full-blown wild Celtic party with countdown, balloons, the whole nine yards! Hamish recorded a fun interview with Aaron Chapman and Dave Keogh of the band to play on his Maui Celtic Radio Show, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu.

Hamish was away on The Irish Rovers Christmas tour and in Vancouver BC for the Holidays. A huge Mahalo to Tony for hosting the show. Folks came out to celebrate the season Celtic style, with familiar and ancient carols on the pipes.

To our ancestors the shortest day marked the lowest ebb of the year, when survival to spring was still uncertain. It also marked the day when the sun was reborn, gradually growing in strength. This important time of the Celtic year, which later became the Christmas season, was celebrated with bonfires and music. We are especially pleased to announce that we will be joined by two guest artists from Ashland, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, Oregon with whom many of you are familiar, William Greene of Irish Hearts fame and his wife Kat.

Folks could get an amazing foot massage and see how the use of music enhanced the process! Christina Tourin works with massage therapists at the San Diego Hospice performing the ancient technique of Celtic massage while she plays the circle of music around the patient. You will learn about the qualities of these strains, how to link the music together in a seamless journey, and how to modulate from one mood to another.

A set of modulations will be given to each participant. This workshop is for harpists bring harps and for those interested in learning how to play the harp. It also carries over to general music guidelines for other musicians and healing therapists. A great opportunity for caregivers and musicians and those wanting to learn harp! Folks at the Pot Luck Dinner brought wrapped gifts for the Children at Kapiolani Womens and Childrens Hospital - they annually donate toys to those unfortuante children who are hospitalized at Christmas time.

The Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii marched in the Manoa Parade in Honolulu. The Saint Andrew Society of Hawaii presented their Annual Investiture at the Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki, Hawai. A year yesterday since the passing of Irish singing legend Liam Clancy, Hamish and lovely guest Jennifer Fahrni recalled times with Liam, while playing rare interview clips recorded for this show, and some classic and unusual songs by the Celtic song-master.

They threw in some new Celtic tunes and., newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. Both acts then zipped over to West Maui to play at the Holiday Lighting of the Banyan Tree in Lahaina. They were joined for some tunes under the tree by local West side bodhran player Bud Clark. With wee lights adorning their bagpipes, they played their rousing sets of Scottish and Irish tunes.

Originally a religious day, called Andermass, to remember the first Apostle, is now a day dedicated to celebrating Scottish traditions and culture.

It tends to be more popular with Scots who live abroad and there are many St. There is also a branch of The Saint Andrew Society of Hawaii in Honolulu. The Scottish flag, the Saltire, also the term for a diagonal cross, is myfirstpornscene.infos. The flag is said to have originated massage techniques sexual Las Vegas, Nevada a dream of the Pictish.

King Angus, in A. King Angus vowed that if this came true he would adopt Saint Andrew as the patron saint of Alba. Legend has it that when the two armies met the next day, that a white cloud shaped like a diagonal cross, or a saltire, formed against the blue sky. This encouraged the Picts to triumph on the battlefield, killing Athelstan and routing the Angle army. The Saltire was adopted as the emblem of Scotland and Saint Andrew became the national Saint.

The flag represents the silver cross now in white on a blue field. Folks wore their tartan and had it blessed! He and George Millar, founder of the legendary band The Irish Rovers, introduced some new Irish music, and had a great interview about the new Irish Rovers album " Gracehill Fair ", and the story of the filming of the new DVD " Home in Ireland ". The festival was open all day with music, crafters and food booths - the event raises funds for school functions.

Bill Comerford told about his recent Genealogy based trip to New England and Prince Edward Island. Then of course a Session in the bar and the Guinness Toast contest! Rebecca Knutha professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, author and noted library historian, discussed the life and legacy of philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

This event was sponsored by the Friends of the Library of Hawaii. A great evening of acoustic Celtic music was held at a house-concert in West Maui, at the home of Rev.

Paul Tangonan in Lahaina. Folks were treated to a rare intimate evening of fine music, with unusual traditional Irish songs, tunes and stories from Michael on Voice, guitar and banjo, accompanied by Jon on bouzouki and ukulele with traditional tunes, and some of his own masterful compositions. A fun party atmosphere with drinks and pupus, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, the packed house rocked and sang along with the two masters of their craft - great singer Mike, and Jon "The Bard of the Bouzouki and the Duke of Uke ".

Thanks to Pastor Paul of the United Methodist Church for his hospitality and support of live Celtic music. Joel asked Hamish about the two upcoming Maui Celtic concerts, and the visiting players about their music and careers, between several songs from Michael and tunes fron Jon, including newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu acient Irish piece on the ukulele.

Cheers, Joel and Lisa! Then came the hot duo of Michael on guitar, vocals and banjo, and Jon with traditional tunes, and some of his own masterful compositions on bouzouki and ukulele. The craic was mighty in Mulligans! Featured on the album are Mary, Frances, Shay and Martin Black, John Doyle, Liz Carroll, John Williams, Dirk Powell and Seamus Egan, amongst others.

Hawai continues to play guitar and banjo, but his real love is the songs. A canny musical curiosity that refuses to be boxed in " - Siobhan Long, The Irish Times reviewing the Latitudes album. If music Hawai indeed therapy then Jon Sanders has a degree in it. Michael Black is a great Irish singer of the famous Black Family. Michael is about to make his third visit to Maui, and Jon his first see above for concert reviews.

Special guest actress Jennifer Fahrni told some of the Samhain traditions see below. Original Celtic art by Hamish Burgess, a piece for the cover of The Celtic Connection newspaper in Vancouver BC and Seattle, the November issue.

The first of a series of four seasonal works. More details and explanation on our Gallery page. The start of each season was marked by a major festival, starting with the Celtic. Bonfires were lit, and household fires extinguished. Young folk would jump thru the fires to cleanse themselves for the new year, or run. The ancient Druids believed the Lord of Death, Saman, gathered together evil souls.

In Manx it was. Savinor Hop Tu Naa this is newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu nightand in Welsh it was Nos Galan Gaeaf. The goddess Bride or Brigit, ended her ruling season, and her straw crosses were put. In Scotland, Cailleach Bheur, goddess of winter.

The Celts believed on that night between the passing of the old massage parlors with happy ending in south carolina Clovis, California, and the arrival.

In later times, children wore masks and carried turnip or pumpkin lanterns. The band honored dear, departed loved ones with an evening of music, song and laughter, Irish style - they prepared new songs and new instrumentals especially for this performance.

Patrick Ball is one of the premier Celtic harp players in the world and a captivating spoken word artist. In playing the ancient, legendary brass-strung harp of Ireland with its crystalline, bell-like voice, and in performing marvelous tales of wit and enchantment, he not only brings new life to two cherished traditions, but blends them in concert to create "a richly theatrical and hauntingly beautiful performance, Hawai.

Above photo by Pat Crowe. Conference organizer was Dr Richard Fulton, a Caledonian Society member. They had a great chat about his home area, music, and stories behind his songs. Recognised as a musical ambassador for his native North East England, Jez Lowe has more than a dozen albums and countless live performances around the world over the last twenty years. Many famous Celtic singers and groups have covered Hawai songs, including Liam Clancy, The Dubliners, The Tannahill Weavers, Cherish The Ladies, The McCalmans, The Black Brothers, Fairport Convention, and literally hundreds of newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. An all-day free event showcasing Hawaiian music and culture, with a wee bit of Scottish content in honor of the Princess.

Also included were some never before seen photographs, and recently uncovered information from Bishop Museum archivists. Folks shared their "Alex" story and enjoyed the musical and piping tributes to him. Also that day the Society celebrated HARRY LAUDER - with his famous kilt and nobby sticks, THE musical hall entertainer of the early part of the last century - in a program presented by Bill and Helen Wynn at St.

They were assisted by music hall entertainer Helen Baskett and noted pianist Susan Spangler - an uplifting, joyous celebration of Lauder, a great Scot and minstrel of the world.

Surely Alex Pratt will be singing along from above. They had a Costume contest for the Children, Bobbing for Apples and of course will have a Pumpkin Carving contest as well. Mike Griffin hosted a session of Irish and Folk Music on stage and of course the monthly competition of the Guinness Toast Contest. Two great friends of Maui Celtic, Liam and Maluhia Cooney were married on Kauai today at Secret Beach on the north shore.

At the fabulous location decorated with flowers by friends, close friends and family gathered to the sounds of bagpipe music and Hawaiian song and guitar. Best man Hamish Burgess walked maid of honor Sre to the circle, then returned to pipe the lovely bride down the aisle to the groom. After an intimate barefoot wedding ceremony and an impromptu Hawaiian love song by Haku Asing can a woman get a happy ending massage in the twin cities Pompano Beach, Florida, Hamish piped the new Mr.

The reception was at an amazing location with terraced tropical gardens, with a great mix of Indian and Celtic music, and friends and family all giving speeches and toasting the couple, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. All the best to Liam and Maluhia - Slainte!! Hamish and Liam have been surfing friends for years, both living on Oahu, before Hamish moved to Maui and started Maui Celtic - Liam lived on Hawaii and now Kauai, where he met Maluhia.

Hamish brought back a suitcase of new music and and interviews for the show while in the old Celtic Lands recently. He found new Celtic music from Galicia and the Asturias in Northern Spain, Brittany in north-west France, Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and even a pipe band album from the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean! Music by Murray Thorne of Mauiand then Doolin Rakes. The bar put on several Irish Whiskeys on special that night, including Michael Collins and Tullamore Dew.

Not to mention Bill Girdwood, engineer extraordinaire, and the crew of Red Box Media Productionsproducing the film, led by Steve Hanly and Liam Creagh, and all-round great folks Andrew Cooper and Joan Grenville. After a fine lunch in The Londonderry Arms Hotelthe crew were back around the harbour, where word was out about the filmshoot, Hawai, and a few fans had turned up to greet the Rovers, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, Reporter Gary Grattan from the Belfast Telegraph filmed an interview with George and Wilcil view hereand folks from the Carnlough Community Association, whose office is there in the harbour, came out to see what was going on.

That night in the hotel bar in Templepatrick was a craic with some of the Rovers, and Cathall McConnell, flute player and singer with legendary Celtic band Boys of the Lough. The next morning, Thursday, the crew were off to, for a fun pub session filming at The Wild Duckon the banks of the River Bann. That quartet carried on for their own guest spot in the DVD with a great set of traditional tunes.

What a brilliant day of music! Then we moved into the castle courtyard for a shot, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, then after a fine luch back in the Wee Cottage, it was onto the island to the kitchen and Great Hall courtyards for two more scenes.

That evening was spent around our new base in the town of Portrush - a busy Friday night down by the harbour pubs and restaurants. The town is a tourist destination, not to mention a surfing area! A challenging day for the Red Box Media crew, with the sun going in and out constantly, affecting the lighting, and a rainshower mid-song had the lads scattering off the beach for cover!

A spectacular location with a beach newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu and secluded bays, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, and unusual conical rock stacks. After getting the re-take it was off to Belfast for a radio interview with Gerry Kelly on BBC Ulster. The Irish Rovers played " A Long Time Ago " live in the studio, and chatted to Gerry about the video filming, and all of the lads being back on home ground together except for Sean, who is from Cork.

Watch on YouTube here. In legend, the Irish warrior Fionn mac Cumhaill Finn McCool built the causeway to get to Scotland to fight another giant. After a brief stop by the vllage of Gracehillfeatured in the title track of the Irish Rovers latest album " Gracehill Fair ", it was back to the Co.

A much different age today with the helicopter ferrying the Irish Rovers to the summit, while Hamish climbed up the steep heather-covered rock face, only to find a group of fundraisers in bright green wigs in the filming area! They conveniently left the group with the spectacular views to themselves, before the chopper cirlced several times to film the lads at the top of the windswept crag.

Monday it was off to Belfastour base for the next week, next door to the Waterfront Hallthe venue for the big concert filming, and afternoon soundchecks. The gang met Rovers fans Norm and Janet Dell, who came all the way from Michigan as special guests.

Tuesday was the big day of rehearsals, dress rehearsals and the filmed concert. Joining The Irish Rovers for the performance were their album musicians, great Uileann piper and whistle player Patrick Daveyand Morris Crum on keyboards, who recorded a beautiful newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu of " Dark Island " with the band. The audience of several hundred fans arrived at the free concert, and were warmed up by a local comedian, before the start of filming.

Several songs were recorded with a few takes and camera angles, with a bit of stopping and starting and much hilarity. The grand finale was the filming of the world champion Doherty Irish Hawai with several special dances learnt with the lads instumental music. The audience were all Hawai to free sandwiches and the new Irish Rovers CD "Gracehill Fair" to take home.

Another amazing and exhausting day! Wednesday - off on location to the beautiful Glens of Antrimto Glenarm Castlein the harbour town of Glen Arm, near Ballymena. Then off through the estate and up the Glenarm River to a scene by an old iron bridge, also a fine fishing spot, with John Reynolds showing us how to fly fish. After lunch, back up-river to an old stone bridge with small rapids either side, to wrap the day up with the boys singing on the scenic hump-back bridge.

A late start on Thursday for the location shoot at Galgorm Manor close to Ballymena, A grand house in a beautiful setting by rapids on the River Maine. Red Box Media Productions filming The Irish Rovers at Galgorm, on the River Maine Massage with happy ending naples fl Escondido, California was in the fabulous Gillies restaurant at the manor, a cross between a Highland lodge and a tiki bar!

The day ran late with a bit of rain, and finished off with another great location by the cottage near the Great Hall of Galgorm Manor, featuring the Rovers and special set dances from some of the lads and lasses of the World Champion Doherty Irish Dancers.

That night some of the gang went to a great traditional music session at the Lisbarnett Housea great wee pub in Lisbanejust outside Comber in the County Down. On Friday, our Maui Celtic travelers sat in on a production meeting, then headed with Anne and George to his home town of Ballymenato check it out, and found a photo of his young self alongside another of local Liam Neeson, at the town hall.

There are many more photos of this amazing film-shoot at The Irish Rovers - Band official page on Facebook. That night Hamish and Jennifer headed to, to the Festival of the Peninsulaso see a concert by the legendary Fureys.

Brothers Eddie and George Furey, told some funny stories and sang their hits, and ripped some wild instrumentals with younger musicians Luke Crowley, Dominic Leech and Dan Lynch. A grand concert with an appreciative crowd, who sang along with such great songs as "When you Were Sweet Sixteen", "Steal Away", "The Old Man", "Green Fields of France", and many more. Hamish recorded a fun interview backstage with the brothers Furey, for his Maui Celtic Radio Show.

Thanks to Alastair McDowell for hosting us at the Festival. Saturday the weather broke to torrential rain, fortunately after filming had wrapped up. Hamish and Jennifer headed west to just past Armagh City to the Navan Fort Centrethe ancient site of Emain Machathe seat of the high kings of Ulster.

Steeped in Irish mythology, this is where the tales of the Red Branch warriors, and legendary hero CuChulainn are centered. The centre itself is spectacular, with a grass mound over the building, and a pillared hall with great artworks of the legends. Our Maui Celtic duo were met by manager Gillian, whose hospitality was boundless - thankyou. They also met the Mayor of Armagh City, Councillor Jim Speers, there for a different event, but a great photo op for a local journalist with our Hawaii visitors to the centre.

They toured the brilliant audio-visual interactive part of the centre, before heading out into the rain to the ancient Celtic dwelling peopled with bronze-age clansfolk. They only speak to you in character, and explain their way of life, and everyday chores - even actually cooking unleven bread! Next our knowlegable guide Matthew took us Hawai to the mound of Navan Fort itself, high atop a hill and surrounded by earthworks - the view of all of Ulster newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu here is stunning.

For more details, please visit their website at Thanks to Joan Grenville of Red Box Media Productions for setting the visit up. Sunday was another free day in Belfast. As he wanted to gain a better understanding of the turbulent local newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, and photograph the famous murals, this was the way to go. Our duo were picked up by Bobbie Thompson, a knowledgable and impartial guide, who took them to the Shankill Road and Falls Road.

An informative, emotional, and startling insight to the everyday life of a troubled community, that outsiders have generally only heard about in the media, and have little understanding of the reality. Then it was a pint of Guinness in the historic "Crown" pub, and a look round Belfast City centre.

An amazing end to an incredible week in Northern Ireland. Thanks to The Irish Rovers for allowing us to be part of the journey. Friday was the wedding, at an amazing location near Sidney on the Saanich Penninsula, at Deep Cove Chalet. The fine restaurant has fabulous gardens overlooking a tranquil bay, perfect for weddings. George looked dapper for his lovely bride Anne, in a beautiful dress, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, and even the rest of The Irish Rovers got spruced up for the occasion.

There was a fine classical music quartet of ladies, cousin Ian Millar sang a song for the couple, and our own Hamish Burgess piped the couple out with some lively tunes on the Great Highland Bagpipe. Thankyou Pierre - a grand gift and memory. Saturday it was party time, starting in the afternoon at a beautiful house near Victoria on a quiet bay, and time for a stroll on the beachat sunset.

The criac continued late with a kitchen party until the wee hours, with George and the lads on guitars, and Hamish on smallpipes, with plenty of singing. Sunday saw the farewell brunch buffet with all the gang, before folks headed off in all directions. A fabulous four day celebration of the hitching of the nicest couple you could meet, George and Anne Millar. A few of the gang headed to The Irish Times in Victoria that night, Hawai, to see great young local musicians Qristina and Quinn Bachand.

Qristina plays fiddle and her younger brother Quinn plays guitar - they were joined by Felix Prummel on flute, and several local musicians for a brilliant night of traditional music, with everything through Irish, Scottish, Hawai, and French, to Canadian and Cape Breton. Hamish interviewed them about their first CD "Relative Minors", that he has been playing on his Maui Celtic Radio Show.

Hamish was away gathering new music and interviews for the show in the old Celtic below. Folloewed the next day by The Hangover meetingwhere they do annual organizing of their files and library.

Grand prize for a Hole in One was a trip for two, to Scotland for a week and golf at the famous Saint Andrews. Kilts were encouraged to be worn.

A nap to catch up from the massage parlor salon happy ending Provo, Utah flight, a fabulous lunch - thanks Jennifer - and the boys were back at Vancouver airport for another red-eye over the North Pole. A nice Chinese meal, a few beers, and a good yarn with friends, and they were ready to crash - thanks for the hospitality.

Flying into Santiago de Compostela, it was off south to the capital of Vigo a big city with an Hawai medieval town center, before heading for the out-of-the-way Celtic ruins of Castro de Santa Tegra Santa Teclahigh on Mount Santa Tegra, overlooking the surf of the Atlantic Ocean.

At the summit there is a good museum, cafe, and many stalls selling local Galician souvenirs! Being just across the river from PortugalChuck suggested a quick drive over the bridge for a visit to the next country - the boys had a look round the nice old town of Vila Nova de Cerveirabefore heading into Spain and Galicia again, and north to to old town of Pontevedra for the night.

Eating at cafes proved interesting, as very few folks here speak English, the lads spoke little Spanish, and had a lot of fun with the waiters guessing what was on the menus!

The old pilgrimage road is now one for hikers and cyclists, who happily arrive in the main square, the Praza do Obradoiroat the end of their long journey. There can often be heard the sound of the Galician bagpipe, the gaita galegaplayed by gaiteros in traditional costume - Hamish met local piper Pedro Perezand they had a chat about traditional music.

It is considered to be one of the oldest hotels in the world, and is now one of the luxurious Paradores - hotels in historic buildings across Spain. Legend has it that the ancient Galicians sailed from here to settle in Ireland. According to the archaic text Lebor Gabala Erennthe Book of Invasions of Ireland, the descendants of Gaedheal Glas, the father of all Gaels, settled here, one of the Chiefs being Breoghanson of Brath.

Breoghan founded Brigantia La Corunaand built a tower by the ocean. The tale goes that on a clear evening, one of his ten sons, Ithe, saw a far-off island, told his brothers, and set sail the next day with his own son Lugaid and more, only to be killed by local noblemen of the island. R - Chuck by the oldest working lighthouse in Europe at La Coruna The popular coastal resort and surf spot is home to the oldest continuously working lighthouse in Europe.

The view of the surrounding coastline from the top is spectacular, not to mention the huge tiled compass rose with images representing the Celtic nationsplus one local legend. The nations are named in their own native languages. Among the artifacts found here were bronze-age daggers, axeheads, pots, stone-carvings, an ancient board-game, brooches and a beautiful gold belt. Eastward along the coast of dramatic cliffs, and good looking surf spots, the lads drove through the picturesque fishing village of Cudillerowith a cliff-top lighthouse, and brightly painted houses lining the valley sides, with fishing nets hanging in the sun to dry.

Joe took us through the market which had local cheeses, pastries, meats, olives, sweets, Hawai, as well as jewelry, clothing, art, and even a stained-glass cutter working away!

Their performance started with a ladies singing group, and traditional dancing, followed by a quintet of pipers and drummers. Hamish recorded a fun interview with the boys for his Maui Celtic Radio Show.

Not only is the gaita the national instrument of the region, but they have the newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu bagpipe museum in the world, with pipes from every country you could imagine, and beyond! Most folks in Asturias do not speak English, so the museum notes are in Spanish, but this is this is a must-see for bagpipers and historians alike.

The pipes are hung up behind glass, so you can really see how they would be played. Hamish was fortunate to meet with the ethnomusicologist and curator of the museum., newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. A great festival in an historic town in a beautiful region - the Maui Celtic boys were sad to leave, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. It is always breath-taking coming over the rise down onto Salisbury Plainand seeing the ancient monument of Stonehenge in all her stark beauty.

As a child, Hamish remembers sitting on the stones having lunch, but these days visitors are kept at a distance to preserve the stones, with a knee high barrier still leaving a great view of this ancient wonder. Across the road is a visitor area, where you can pick up an audio device to guide you around the monument. The best views of the carved horse are from a distance, from the village of Alton Barnes itself, and from the road from Alton Barnes to Lockeridge. This is a newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu special area of Britain, with many ancient monuments linked by equally old pathways.

The burial mound of West Kennet Long Barrow is close to the massive man-made Silbury Hillwith a ceremonial road leading between standing stones to Avebury Ringone of the biggest standing-stone circles in Britain, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu.

Avebury Stone Circle is so big that most of Avebury village, including the thatched Red Lion Pub, is within the circle, ditch and embankment! The photo above shows only a quarter of the whole circle, with the pub at the center just visible at top right. The travelers drove down through Devon, and crossed the Tamar Riverthe border Hawai the ancient Celtic Hawai of Kernow sexual massage services Santa Maria, California, or Cornwall.

Nearby at the natural cliff-top defences provided by Trevelgue Head are the barely visible mounds of an Iron Age hill fortress. Still a working fishing harbour today, it is known for the sport of pilot-gig rowing a working tradition from the old pilchard daysas well as being a busy tourist resort with good surfing beaches all around.

The first afternoon, while exploring the ancient streets of old overhanging buildings, they found the main tent by the Cathedral Saint Corentin, where they saw a fine Asturien pipeband, Banda Gaites Llacin from Conceyu Llanes, then a traditional dance session from a local Celtic band, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu.

The tantric massage in aberdeen Everett, Washington join hands and dance in rhythmic spirals, winding around eachother - traditional dancing in Brittany is alive and well, with all ages joining in more readily than in any other Celtic nation!

Next was a great group of musicians Arz Nevez et Roland Becker, an original string group of violins, violoncello, guitar and vocal, with compositions by Yves Ribis and Roland Becker.

Over to the huge tent of Espace Gradlon, for the evening concert by the brilliant Breton pipe band, Bagad Cap Cavalwho put on an amazing show with pipers, drummers, bombard players, local traditional dancers, and even a tango couple!

Back across the street, the late night show was by Wig-a-waga new trad-fusion modern outfit with a lively stage-show. Twin vocals, guitar, accordion, keyboards, flutes, drums and bagpipes - then the couples massage happy ending while eyes covered Kansas City, Kansas piece rocked the crowd with double bagpipe tunes!

With music competitions going on all day in Espace Saint Corentin, our Maui Celtic travellers watched some talented local bombarde and biniou bagpipe players compete for trophies, Hawai, while long snake-like lines of local folks danced their traditional dances to the music. Chuck had seen Carlos before, and told Hamish how good his live show is, but this concert exceeded all expectations. After more fine music on flutes, some percussion solos, and more with the pipe band, the audience went crazy when he rocked the house with the Galician bagpipes, the gaita.

Then the musicians, members of Bagad Kemper, and folks from the audience joined Carlos on stage for traditional Breton dancing, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. The thunderous clamour for newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu encore brought the group back on satge for some wild jigs and reels to spa boobs Salinas, California the memorable night.

An amazing night by a true master of his craft, and some talented musician friends. Hamish thought this performance was one of the best concerts he had ever seen! Merci to Collette for your hospitality. The festival continued that day and evening, but our Maui Celtic boys sadly had to leave Quimper - they only saw some of the great Breton and other Celtic music acts in the brief time they were there, but it was an amazing experience.

Many thanks to Soizick Fonteneau and Romain Gleonec of the Festival de Cornouaille for their hospitality at newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu event. Please visit this great festival - As the Maui Celtic travellers left Brittany, they came across a series of modern Celtic art roundabouts along the road! The lads continued on to Normandyand found a historic old hotel in PontorsonHawai, the closest village to their next stop, Mont Saint-Michela spectacular cliff-top monastery on an island at the mouth of the Couesnon River, connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway.

Aubert, bishop of Avranches, and told him to build a church on the rocky outcrop. It is an amazing place, a walled fortified town with narrow streets winding between ancient overhanging buildings up to the many-tiered monastery.

These days the streets are lined with cafes, bars, souvenir shops, and even a couple of hotels. Hundreds more steps climb to the Saut Gautier Terrace, in front of the main church. The view from the terrace and cloisters is stunning, with the bay and islands in one direction, and Normandy the other. The abbey itself is a maze of staircases, rooms and vaulted halls with massive fireplaces.

Time for our duo to part ways for a while, Hamish flew into Exeter, Devonto meet his sister-in-law Amanda for a ride down to Cornwall. Chuck was off via Manchester to Wales, the Isle of Man, and Ireland! In Wales Chuck stayed in the ancient walled town of Conwybefore taking a local flight over to the Isle of Tattooed japanese guy has massage with happy ending West Jordan, Utah. On to a regular haunt of his, Irelandwhere he stayed in Castle.

Meanwhile in CornwallHamish was visiting with family and friends in the Newquay area. Cornwall has been an important spot on.

It was said "Cousin Jack" a Cornishman could be found. They later sent home for happy ending massage in burlington nj Woodbridge, New Jersey. Jennie"their wives, to join them.

Cornish miners went to Australiawhere. Camborne College of Mining in Cornwall is world renowned in that field, attended. He also visited the old fishing town of Padstowon the north Cornish coast, now well-known for the restaurants of Rick Stein, a famous British chef. Close by is the village of Boscastlein a deep ravine, with a river running to the small natural harbour, tucked behind high sea cliffs.

Several years ago the village was devastated by severe floods, but has now recovered, with all the traditional pubs, and curio and antique shops re-opened - and of course the facinating Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft, with an amazing collection of artifacts.

Hamish met up with some old pals for a Friday night out at The Mermaid at Porthnear Newquay, to see another old mate, Alan Deane The Belfast Busker perform his traditional Irish songs peppered with mad jokes and stories. Alan Deane, the Belfast Busker and son, at The Mermaid in Porth, near Newquay Alan, originally from Belfast, plays all over Cornwall year round.

Check out his music and schedule at More old friends to visit in the north coast village of Portreathwith the small town nestled in a deep valley opening to a sheltered bay, with a surf beach and small harbour.

Hamish took a walk up onto the heather-covered cliffs, and watched a surf life-saving competition that was happening that day. The tapestries are wall to wall throughout the manor house, even covering doorways. Sue is a composer and classically trained violin player, who performs Celtic music inspired by the landscape and legends of Cornwall. Speaking of local Celtic music, there is a weekly traditional session on Tuesday nights at the Seiners pubright on the water in Perranporth.

The session was led by Neil Davey and Hilary. Chuck arrived back from his adventures in the other Celtic nations, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, in time for a nice sunny day checking out all the local surf spots Hamish used to frequent.

It was time to bid a sad farewell to Cornwall for this trip, and head not before meeting the Cornish pipeband that Hamish used to be a summer guest with at Newquay airport - also on their way to Scotland!

Straight off the plane and into the rental car our lads were off to Cockenzie, east of Edinburgh, to meet Ian Green of Greentrax Records out at the base of the biggest traditional music record label in Scotland. The gang warmed up on Johnston Terrace - their pipes and drum, and with a wee dram! Wearing Hawai Hawaii Tartan, kukui nut leis, and Maui Celtic shirts they caused quite a stir, with many folks saying that they had visited Maui.

Not as much of a stir as Jason in his leg cast, after a broken foot, with a German doctor taking photos of him to hang in his office as an example to all!

Jason made the whole march in the cast - well done laddie! For video of our block marching, please click this link - With amazing views of the surrounding countryside from the top of the tower, They could see their next stop, the Bridge of Allen Highland Games getting started. With heavy athletics and Highland Dance competitons running all day, this Games is also a warm-up for the World Bagpipe Championships, with many pipe bands attending and competing.

A grand night of yarns catching up on Celtic news from respective islands on opposite sides of the world! Hamish captured the ecstatic moment for the St. Lugaidh, Lleu, and Llud. In legend it was foretold that he would kill his grandfather, so his mother, afraid for his life, fostered him to Tailtiu, Hawai, Queen of the Fir Bolg, and later to the Sidh of the Sea God, Manannan Mac Lir, on the Isle of Man.

He became a famous warrior of the Tuatha De Danann, fulfilling the prophecy and killed his grandfather, Balor of the Evil Eye at the Battle of Moy Tura, winning the day for the Tuatha. It is said that she died from exhaustion after clearing a great forest so that the land could be cultivated, and on her death-bed she told the men Hawai Ireland to hold funeral games in her honor - she prophesied that as long as they were held Ireland would not be without song.

Many summer fairs and festivals today come from this tradition. Lughnasadh continued through the harvest time, not necessarily just one night. Hamish spent adult massage hong kong Salinas, California times with Gerry on the Irish Music Cruises.

Medical Center in Montrose, NY. Much Aloha to Brian, and the family. The show is live online at Even though the parade was All American there was plenty of green in there too! The Parade started at the lower end of Baldwin Avenue, up to Makawao Avenue and Hawai at the Eddie Tam Center.

At the home of Tangonan in Lahaina, the audience from all over Maui and visitors from the mainland was treated to a rare intimate evening of fine music, when Maree sang her own fine songs and played piano and guitar, accompanied by her sister Linda on a few tunes. Linda played several solos on the Celtic flute and tinwhistles, with traditional Irish tunes, and some of her own beautiful compositions. A great atmosphere with drinks and pupus too - thanks to Hawai. Paul for hosting the event.

A national award-winning singer songwriter appealing to most genres from Folk Rock to Adult Contemporary, McRae has been described as a charismatic, energetic, and heartfelt act with true professionalism and musician skills. A very special show brought to Hawaii and not to be missed. Clinton and Irish guests. The ladies also performed at a house-concert in South Kona, Big Island of Hawaii, at the home of Drew Womack in Captain Cook. In the first hour he chatted with Americana singer-songwriter guitarist Maree McRae and sister, Celtic flute player Linda Hickmanwho were on Maui for a house concert in Lahaina, West Maui see above.

Maree McRae and Linda Hickman In the second hour, Hamish featured the music of James Keelaghanand spoke with him as he was heading home to Canada, from an old songs festival in New York. The Calgary native now lives in Winnipeg, and has written a lot of great historical material about Canada. Visit Celtic Waves website. This week they were joined by special guest the talented Newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu Hickmannewtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, a Celtic flute and whistle player Hawai New York, here for a concert this week see above.

Another surprise guest was local Lahaina fiddler, and the group had the joint jumping with jigs and reels! Mulligans at the Wharf is in the Wharf Cinema Center opposite the Banyan Tree, Lahaina. He presented "All Together Now", with stories and songs for the kids. James is well known on Oahu as frontman of local band Doolin Rakes. It is also referred to as Midsummer because it is Hawai the middle of the growing season throughout much of Europe.

Many remains of ancient stone structures can be found throughout Europe, some of which align on the midsummer sunrise. In ancient Hawai the Midsummer celebration was called Feast of Eponanamed after a horse goddess who personified fertility, sovereignty and agriculture. She was portrayed as a woman riding a mare, Hawai. Druids celebrated Alban Heruin "Light of the Shore" and led the ancient Celts in homage to the Sun. The days following Alban Heruin form the waning part of the year because the days become shorter.

To signify this, a descendant of an ancient ritual was to wrap a cartwheel with straw, set it alight, and roll it down a hill. Young children would spend the day weaving discs of vines, to light that evening and hurl into the sky, or roll down hills.

In Penzance, Cornwall, the Golowan Festival or Feast of takes place, with musical processions through the old town down to the harbour led by Penglaze, the Obby Oss. This is a brilliant Scots Nationalist film - anyone proud to be Scots should go and see it!

Charlie Cox, Kate Mara, Billy Boyd, Robert Carlyle, Ciaron Kelly. Downtown Honolulu - they celebrated Irish literary giant James Joyce and his masterpiece " Ulysses ", with readings from the novel, as well as discussions on other literature.

John Beaton is a poet and spoken Hawai performer from Inverness, Scotland, now living in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island BC. Joyce is a fiddler orginally from Glasgow, and John is a poet and spoken word performer from Inverness. Joyce and John Beaton The show is live online at

A bunch of the local pipers and Celtic musicians attended a potluck BBQ and Celtic music session to celebrate the fact that Alfie Rawlings is alive and kicking!! A few of us had a shock this week when we heard that West Maui Scot-at-large Alfie had passed on - Hamish went looking for our man, and found out that it was a stupid rumour started by a young fool, and was very happy to find Alfie himself alive and well, and swearing about the rumour-monger in Glaswegian!

The guest of honour was Alfie himself - an alchohol-welcome and politically incorrect event! We had a great sunset followed by bagpipes, drums, ukulele, guitars, flutes and whistles, voices and even a trombone! The evening started with the Mad Bagpiper - Roger McKinley, appearing on a knoll across the valley from the lanai, playing a haunting piobaireachdthe classical music of the Highland bagpipe.

The band then rocked the house - playing everything from beautiful Irish airs, to jigs and reels and raucous folk songs - Irish and Scottish! As well as new music, he had a special Memorial Day show, with the history of this American holiday, dating back to the American Civil War - with Irish songs from that era! The couple were married at Keawalai Church in Makena, piped down the aisle by Roger McKinley and Mike MacDougallbefore an interesting wedding vow from Mike.

The many local, and visiting Irish friends and family, then moved to a fabulous reception at a beachfront estate in Makena - great food and drink with plenty Guinness, of courseand music from Jimmy Mac and the Cool Cats, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. The craic was mighty in Makena Wailea that night, with more endearing swearwords than has ever been heard at a Maui for a great party!

He was really busy between lining up discs chatting online with listeners in the US, Canada, and the UK. The lads and lasses played a mix of lively jigs and reels, marches and strathspeys, and haunting celtic great songs from the fabulous mum and daughter duo, Pamela and Lily Telford! The group performed most of the material on the new CD and many more traditional pieces.

In ancient Irish mythology, Fionn mac Cumhaill was a great leader of the Fianna, known for his cleverness and good will - and in some legends a giant performing great feats - more details on our Gallery page. The hit of the recent Hawaiian Scottish Festival on Oahu, the repertoire for this new celtic band comes from Ireland, Scotland and other Celtic cultures and often brings a modern feel to these familiar traditions.

Fronted by beautiful vocals, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, strong fiddling and piping, with a solid rhythm section of guitar and bass with bodhran and ukulele, this ensemble delivers a great range of songs and tunes. Finn McCoul "On The Shoulders Of Giants.

An Irish New Yorker, Joanie is a founding member of the great Celtic group Cherish the Ladiesand has collaborated with folk legends like Liam Clancy and Pete Seeger. Hamish played some of an interview he recorded with Joanie at her home in New York. They also talked about the Celtic nations, and other great Celtic music that Hamish was playing. They hosted and toasted the boys of Hawai Wild Shamrocks in a social as they made plans for this years Golden Pratie Match Play golf contest.

If you are a golfer let Bill Comerford know. This week they were joined by the lovely Yvonne Falka whistle player from Santa Cruz, not to mention as usual Kieran Clarkand Hamish Burgess joined Bud for some Scottish and Irish tunes on the bagpipes.

Band members chatted with host Alana Cini about how their new group got together, and the traditions behind their music, and band name. There was also other good local musicians, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, and hundreds of crafters. Please contact the Caledonian Society for more details. The home of Irish music on Maui is down in Wailea on the Newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu Golf Course, opposite the Kea Lani Hotel.

They had a huge party with Roger McKinley the Mad Bagpiper, the Celtic Tigers, and Kanekoa. The Maui Celtic Show featured music, folklore and traditions of Beltainenow known as May Day husband wife get happy ending massage Concord, California belowand some Galician and Asturian music in the spirit of Cinco de Newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. The ancient May Day eve festival was dedicated to Belthe sun god, and marked the beginning of Summer.

In ancient times, Druids would kindle the Beltane fire, and two seperate bonfires were made, with poeple and animals being driven between them, to cleanse them of diseases and bad luck form the dark part of the year, winter. Household hearths were re-lit from the Beltane fire, having been extinguished for the occasion. The festival tradition newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu continued to this day in Britain and Ireland, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, in the form of May Day celebrations, such as dancing around the May Pole.

The duo of bodhran newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu Bud Clark and Clint Burdick on Celtic guitar and banjo, played Celtic music and some great originals. A big hit with the cowd, Kieran Clark sang a few songs, and Hamish Burgess joined Bud for some Scottish and Irish tunes on the smallpipes.

Frank Kane narrated as the first voice, with Sharyn Stone as second voice, directed by Mark Collmer. There was a nice wee bit of Celtic music with Elaine Olson on concertina, and Frank Kane on the fiddle. Special guest in the studio was the lovely Jennifer Fahrni.

The second half of the show featured Welsh musicand an interview with special guest Frank Kanelead in the local production of Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas see above. Frank is a local actor and musician, playing the fiddle. Elizabeth Tuthill and others invited a few Gaelic speakers to the meeting to give a basic instruction in the Gaelic tongue. A great event as usual, with good weather both days, very busy on Saturday, and mellow on Sunday.

Meanwhile on the small stage there was traditional Irish dancing and singing from The Celtic Keikiand new Oahu band Dharma. The focus at noon was on the march of the Parade of the Color Guard, Massed Pipe Bands and the Scottish Clans, leading into the Opening Ceremonies.

Color Guard, Flags and Massed Pipe Bands on parade at the Hawaiian Scottish Festival The opening ceremony, with MCs Milton Ragsdale and Ian Laing former HSA Chieftainfeatured a blessing by Father Richard Rubieopening by Hawaiian Scottish Association Chieftain Dan Peddieand the National Anthem of the USA and Hawaii.

The Board members of the Caledonian Society believe that you meet these criteria and are a person who exemplifies the values upon which this award is based. Also both days there were vendors, including great Celtic CDs from Rampant Lion Celtic Traders, and locals Maui Celtic with a booth of fine Scottish imports, classic Maui Celtic logo wear with brand new cool "Slainte" baseball shirtsplaid items - Hawaii Tartan sashes, shawls, and head wraps do-rags!!

They also represented Sportkilt again this year, with the biggest selection of tartan to be seen in Hawaii for a year. Everyone was looking good in the official Hawaii Tartanincluding Hunter Lockethe miniature Dachshund, Hawai, who made the local newspaper on Monday. Nearby was the Clan tent, where you could find out more about your family history, and visit the The Saint Andrew Society of HawaiiThe Caledonian Society of Hawaiiand the The Friends of myfirstpornscene.infok booths.

Kicking off the music with bagpiping was the Isle of Maui Pipe Bandand Scottish Country Dancing from the RSCDS of Hawaii. Last but by no means least, the warriors of the SCA. Also fresh out today were Whiskey Starshipand the Saloon Pilots. The small stage rocked Celtic style most of the day, with traditional Scottish and Irish music from Celtic Waves and Finn McCoul newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, and dancing from Jig This and The Celtic Keiki - the Dueling Dancers, twin sisters Delia and Caleigh Fabro rightand in fact the whole family looking great in their Hawaii tartan kilts, bought that day from Maui Celtic.

Mahalo to all the Oahu residents and of course visitorswho visited us at the Maui Celticand supported your local Celtic imports business.

More info on the event from The Hawaiian Scottish Association at newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. Not forgetting the sampling bar with several whiskys and unusual beers, with a fine array of real ales and porters, ironically housed in the beautiful chapel! On hand to talk about their whiskeys were Tom Turner, Diageo Master of Whiskeyand Martin Daraz, Highland Park Brand Abassador. Cuisine was by Exectuive Chef Jay Matsukawa of the Willows Restaurant.

Mahalo to Ian Laing for inviting Hamish to this fun event. We hope you all joined us in wearing an item of tartan material that day to remember our heritage, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. The contribution of the immigrant Scots upon North America is considerable and throughout Canada. Many folks around the State are now wearing the official tartan. She was heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Hawaii at the time of the illegal overthrow of the monarchy.

R- Jennifer Fahrni Fine Scottish weather of light rain combined with Hawaiian sunset made for a rainbow over the chapel. Hardy Spoehr piped the gathering into the chapel, where Caledonian Society Chieftain Bruce McEwan hosted the evening, wearing the Hawaii Tartancombining the tribute with National Tartan Day see above, Hawai. The theme was Easterwith some surprising folklore and traditions of this time of year, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, named after the Anglo-Saxon Goddess Eostre, or Ostara "Goddess of the Dawn".

Plenty of Scottish music also, for the upcoming Hawaiian Scottish Festival in Newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, Oahu. The whole show was dedicated to the memory of a great man who passed away recently, William J.

Cooneyproud Irishman and Marine Corp veteran. With a talk by Dr. Hans Van TilburgMarine Archaeologist. The great trio from Kyoto, Japan, featured Felicity Greenland on vocals, bodhran and whistle, Atsuko Kasamura on fiddle, and Jay Gregg on newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu and guitar. The trio were joined by Lawson Cannon from Celtic Waves on the guitar. Irish Rose Saloon in Waikiki. Closing the packed house was the legendary Willie K Band.

Central Maui - the party was with local Celtic band Upcountry Celtic who played at the Ale House in Kahului. Local radio presenter, guitarist, whistle player and singer, led folk-type songs likely to be heard in Irish pubs in Ireland, Canada, Australia, the U. With of course Guinness, Harp, and corned beef and cabbage, the craic was here on the west side. Organizers The Friends of myfirstpornscene.infok marched proudly wearing the green, joined by their Scottish cousins The Saint Andrew Society of Hawaii.

Corned beef and cabbage and of course Guinness was the order of the day. The party started at noon, with a steady crowd until the evening, when the streets closed and the madness started. Hamish and Jennifer with friend Jim Mackintosh photo left were there with a Maui Celtic booth of Irish jewelry and other goodies and cool kelly green HAWAII CELTIC T-shirts, Hawaii and Irish Tartan plaid clothing, and All Happy ending massage in china but dont speak chinese Charleston, South Carolina plaid noggin wraps do-rags too!!

New green baseball T-shirts were of course a hot item, as well as some mad hats! Mahalo for supporting your local Celtic business. The Doolin Rakes rocked the block Irish style until late. The streets were jumping by sunset, with folks in crazy green costumes, and mobbed by the late evening! Credit and mahalo for the above photo to Tracy Chan at Metromix Honolulu, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. Over in Waikiki The. Irish Rose Saloon was hopping with traditional Celtic music from Japan with MacFiddles, then Celtic rock with Warsaw and The Piranha Brothers until late.

As well as his usual fun jigs, reels and marches, Roger said that when he played beautiful slow airs, there seemed to be more whales coming around the boat! Also on Maui, Celtic band Finn McCoul played at the Ocean Arts Festival Under the Banyan Tree in Lahaina Town, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu.

Finn McCoul play a mix of lively jigs and reels, rhythmic marches and strathspeys, bouncy hornpipes, and haunting celtic airs. The repertoire for this new celtic band based on Maui comes from Ireland, Scotland and other Celtic cultures and often brings a modern feel to these familiar traditions. Fronted by beautiful vocals, strong fiddling and piping, with a solid rhythm section of guitar and bass with bodhran and ukulele, this ensemble delivers a range of songs and tunes.

In ancient Irish mythology, Fionn mac Cumhaill was a great warrior, leader of the Fianna that protected Ireland.

Known for his cleverness and good will, in some legends he was a giant. A fun afternoon with raffles, lots of signing, and Irish dancing from the lads and lasses. With entries ranging through short and funny, completely mental, and historic, meaningful and relevant, the eventual winner was found after a difficult decision over a few Guinness.

The group served up their usual blend of reels, jigs, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, and songs for folks enjoyment. Hamish of Maui Celtic was invited by Chuck WallParade Director and all-round fine Irishman - mahalo for your hospitality, Chuck. Starting with a cocktail hour while folks could check out the huge selection of Irish goods at the silent auction, largely collected by Society President Bill Comerford.

The ball really began with Pipe Major Dan Quinn piping in the Procession of the Board of Directors. Bidding on the silent auction closed, and the dueling dancers of the Celtic Keiki took the stage with some great stepdancing from the local girls and their younger brother. A brilliant event co-ordinated this year by Lynn Jones - well done and mahalo. Thanks to Chuck Wall for inviting Hamish. The whales and sharks whose territory he visits are awe-inspiring, but the elusive otters finally steal the show.

The photography of the varying moods of the island is spectacular, the animals are compelling, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, and Buchanan is an enthusiastic adventurer and host. All proceeds fund the local non-profit pipe band. His accomplishments as a Solo Piper, Pipe Band leader and Teacher cause him to be much sought after as a performer, lecturer and teacher throughout the world. Cooneynewtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, proud Irishman and Marine Corp veteran, went to the other side.

The boundlessly energetic Kieran and larger-than-life dad Joe are regulars in Hawaii at this time of year, taking a break from the north-east to entertain our local Irish crowd. Kieran Murphy is a singer and songwriter whose music ranges from traditional folk to contemporary rock and even electronica! He is New York born, but with a heritage deeply rooted in the culture of New England and the mysticism of his Irish ancestors.

As well as great traditional music there was lively Irish dancing from Jig This School of Irish Dance. Mahalo for giving up your time for our radio station! Check out for updates. Cornwall was a huge tin mining area, until the collapse of the industry, sending emigrant Cornish Hawai over the world, with large communities in America and Australia.

The flag shows Cornish tin over black rock, represented by the white cross on a black field. The Welsh emigrated all over the globe, many in the mining industry. There is even a large community of Welsh in Patagonia, with street signs in the Welsh language. Piper Roger played three sets with airs, marches, and jigs and on the Highland Pipes - with a few rock tunes that got the packed house going!

Kieran Clark did a couple of guest spots with his Dad, singing Irish and original songs and playing his new guitar, and Hamish Burgess joined Bud for some Scottish and Irish tunes on the smallpipes.

Lots of love songs, not all Hawai them slow - the last half hour was rocking folk music! Philip and Pam Boulding shared their new compositions and stories inspired by their recent journey to Ireland last fall. They played beautiful slow airs, polkas, jigs and reels, with Philip on Celtic harps, accordion and whistles, and Pam on hammered dulcimer and concertina. Sundaythe first night of Irish Music Concerts at Sea started with Hamish Burgess as MC, introducing the talented multi instumentalist and singer Gabriel Donohue, for a great set ranging from traditional songs to originals, as well as some brilliant Celtic guitar pieces, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu.

He was joined by the fabulous Irish tenor Ciaran Sheehan, for some amazing vocals, mostly traditional, but with the odd theater number showing us how Ciaran landed the role as the Phantom of the Opera for several years on Broadway.

A special guest for a few tunes was the lovely fiddler Hanneke Cassel, Hawai, and Rory Makem came up for a song - a fine night to start it all off. On Newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu we sailed on past our first scheduled stop at Half Moon Cay in the Bahamasdue to gales and rain, and headed south-east for better weather.

The day passed with plenty to do onboard exporing the ship, until an Irish History and Language talk by the informative and entertaining Joe Murphywho explained the difference in the Celtic tongues, and focused on the history of the Irish language, and even taught us some useful Gaelic phrases. Then on to the Piano bar for another late session of songs, sea-shanties and much more. Tuesday we awoke docked at Grand Turkin the Turks and Caicos Islandsfor our first day ashore, arriving early with extra time on the island, after missing the first port-of-call.

Then they went snorkeling in the warm clear blue waters off a deserted white sandy beach near the town, for a look at the tropical fish on the shallow reef, surprisingly quite far off shore. There was plenty of time for a look round the complex of bars and shops near the cruise ship dock, before heading back onboard for a sunset rum punch party before dinner.

With decades of experience, he sang some traditional songs, and many fabulous originals, accompanied with brilliant open-tuning guitar playing, all introduced with wit and story-telling proving him to be a master of his craft. For the final set they invited a long-time hero of theirs, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, Archie Fisherback onstage to end a great night. Not to the Piano bar session!

Although it felt odd to be safe and happy tourists on the same island old Hispaniola as the suffering people of Haiti, in the aftermath of the recent disastrous earthquake, it was great to see the crew of the Holland America Line off-loading trucks of supplies destined for the stricken areas on the far side of the island - all the passengers cheered each trolley as they passed by us, having priority to unload first.

Hamish, Jennifer, Joanie and Gabriel hired a taxi-driver for the day to show us around the beautiful tropical island. We headed up through the mountains, stopping at various lookout spots for photos, before reaching the town and beaches of Las Terranas, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. An interesting ride, with seemingly no road rules on overtaking, and our driver skillfully avoiding deep potholes everywhere, not to mention other vehicles and horses.

The beaches were spectacular, with crystal clear warm water for swimming. The area was also a local fishing spot, with the fishermen proudly displaying their Dorado catch for sale. Hanneke was the life and soul of the party, as always, and taught everyone the fun ceilidh dances, even Hamish and Shane Makem! Thursday was a day at sea heading through the Southern Caribbean, to the ABC islands, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu. You never know what talent is in the room - Hamish lent his smallpipes to guest piper Kevin Palm for a couple of tunes.

After the second formal dinner night of the cruise, the concert that night started with Gabriel Donohue, with more fine Irish tunes, and his hilarious Johnny Cash versions of some traditional and pop songs. Shannon Heaton also joined Gabe for a set of whistle and piano tunes. The tour took us through the center of the island to the vliiage of Rincon, and to a monument and a look-out high above Kralendijk, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu a great view of the coast and ships.

Friday evening concerts started with the return of Scots folk music icon Archie Fisherwith more great original songs, brilliant stories behind them, and more fine guitar playing. To close the concert night in raucous fashion were the Makem and Spain Brothers. Multiple strings and bodhran, the boys powered through a great set, with a break when Rory makem sang a tribute to the brothers late father, the legendary Tommy Makem.

There was a floating market along a canal, with the market stalls built alongside the docked boats. With the ship staying in port for the evening, happy ending massage chiang mai thailand West Palm Beach, Florida Irish Music Cruise gang had a free night, and after dinner Hamish headed ashore with Archie Fisher and his agent Bob Jensen, for a few beers and a good yarn at some of the bars in the converted fort.

The only music scheduled tonight was of late night session. Sunday we arrived at the island of Aruba, and the capital Oranjestad. Alejandro Rivas-Vasquez, Frank Dennert, Adolo Garrido and Hamish Burgess at Unique Sports of Aruba. One of the lads was by chance visiting from his job in London, UK - Alejandro and Iulia met Hamish and Jennifer at the cruise-ship dock, and took them to see the boys at Unique Sports of Arubawhere they had a private newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu boat trip ready as a surprise - also the shop where musicians Hanneke, the Makems, and Ciaran and family, and also Brian Conlon were taking a dive class.

The Irish Music Cruise divers were a mixture of certified divers and first timers, producing a few new underwater addicts, not least new scuba-queen Hanneke. A great shipwreck dive had the boat back late, with Ciaran cursing Hamish as he had a second trip arranged with a tight time-frame straight after! Unique Sports of Aruba goes Irish! After a huge crab sandwich in one of the new Hawai by the hotel zone, Alejandro and Iulia took Hamish and Jen to one of the Unique boys old haunts - the bar by the California Lighthouse, La Trattoria el Faro Blanco Restauranton the northern point of Aruba, with a great view of the beach at Malmok.

What a brilliant week of great company, laughs, fine food, Caribbean adventures, and amazing world-class Irish music - the craic was happy ending massage centers in west chester pennsylvania Charlotte, North Carolina mighty on the MS Noordam!

He is the best known of the poets who have written in the Scots language, and is the most widely translated poet in the world, even more than William Shakespeare.

He moved to Edinburgh, and received critical Hawai. He wrote about everyday things, philosophy, and about his loves, which contributed. Roger and lovely wife Leili McKinley were MCs, as John Crowe was under the weather. Added to all the whiskey toasts, poetry, and good craic, guest pipers Mike MacDougall, Allison Jackson, and the Asher Family played a few sets.

Then Finn McCoul rocked the full house again, Celtic style. Robert Burns had a love of music, especially the folk music of his time. He collected hundreds of traditional songs and set many of his poems to Scottish fiddle tunes.

The evening was filled with many of these songs. He learned to play the pipes from Duncan Johnstone, a foremost composer and piping instructor from Glasgow. Hamish would like to humbly extend his gratitude to the Hawaiian Scots for this recognition - Mahalo.

Caledonian Society website - They saw an excellent exhibition at the Museum of Art featuring the brilliant work of Norman Rockwell. Thanks to old pals Willie, Cari and Aisling Lacey for their hospitality and great company - not to mention a few Guinness! Sitting in for Aubrey Knuth, who played phenomenal cooperative fiddle on the CD but could not attend this concert, was Curtis Vandeloop, who helped start the band and actually taught them many of the tunes on the CD.

Curtis was a member of the legendary Honolulu band "Irish Hearts," which served as the inspiration for Celtic Waves. The time unable to surf on Maui, he spent working on some Celtic art for the Irish Rovers see below. Bruce was singing his own great happy ending massage in newport news virginia Columbia, Missouri Pacific Northwest songs, as well as Irish and Scots traditional ones.

Hamish Burgess, George Millar of the Irish Rovers, and Jennifer Fahrni in Vancouver right The Irish singer commissioned Hamish after Hawai his Celtic artwork whilst on Maui earlier this year. It features a traditional Celtic knotwork border and a fairground tent, with Irish musicians, dancers and spectators making merry, like you may see at an Irish country fair, any time in the last century or so.

Haida art shares a similar tradition of form-lines with ancient Celtic art. Hamish caught up with great musician pal and Geordie-about-town Tim Readmanwhen he took him and the lovely Jennifer and Neasa to a long-table dinner at the Irish Heather Pub in downtown Vancouver. He saw two other artist friends in the city. Rudi Diesvelt is a fine jeweller and leatherworker, and a Celtic renaissance man, Hawai. Rudy crafts excellent leather items and one-off custom works of museum quality.

Aidan Meehan is a renowned Celtic artist, the Irish author of many books on the construction of Celtic knotwork, and an inspiration to Hamish for many years. Aidan is a master artist of the traditional Celtic style, using ancient techniques to produce works that have to be seen to be believed. He does custom original work and also has fine art prints. Mahalo to Tony, the originator of the show, for holding the fort for a few weeks.

Kieran Clark did a couple of guest spots with his Dad, singing Irish and original songs and playing newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu guitar. Today is known as Nollaig Beag Little Christmas in the old Celtic lands, newtownards happy ending massage Honolulu, and also in Ireland as Nollaig na mBan Womens Christmas - the tradition is so called because of Irish men performing the household duties for the day, leaving the ladies to hold parties or celebrate the day with friends or relatives.

Acoording to a friend in myfirstpornscene.infoburg "Russian Church also refused to accept Gregorian we too celebrate Christmas today". The Celtic Tree of Life comes out of a traditional cauldron, and entwined are the seven creations of the ancient Celtic world as they saw it - plants, humans, animals, birds, fish, reptiles and insects.

It contains fine traditional songs and tunes, and great new original songs. Watch this page or our Gallery page for details on where to get it, and the Irish Rovers website. Piper Roger Mckinley performed airs, marches jigs and reels on the Highland Pipes and Smallpipes.

A Celebration of the triple aspect of the Mind, Body and Spirit. The Irish Rovers - Irish Christmas Tour, Deerfoot Inn, Calgary, Alberta. The Irish Rovers - Irish Christmas Tour, Century Casino, Edmonton. The Irish Rovers - Irish Christmas Tour, Port Theatre, Nanaimo, Hawai.

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The lads and lasses played a mix of lively jigs and reels, marches and strathspeys, and haunting celtic great songs from the fabulous mum and daughter duo, Pamela and Lily Telford! Central Maui - the party was with local Celtic band Upcountry Celtic who played at the Ale House in Kahului. Hamish was away gathering new music and interviews for the show in the old Celtic below. With wee lights adorning their bagpipes, they played their rousing sets of Scottish and Irish tunes. Charlie Cox, Kate Mara, Billy Boyd, Robert Carlyle, Ciaron Kelly.

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Then they went snorkeling in the warm clear blue waters off a deserted white sandy beach near the town, for a look at the tropical fish on the shallow reef, surprisingly quite far off shore. The festival was open all day with music, crafters and food booths - the event raises funds for school functions. In ancient Gaul the Midsummer celebration was called Feast of Epona , named after a horse goddess who personified fertility, sovereignty and agriculture. Sunday saw the farewell brunch buffet with all the gang, before folks headed off in all directions. They had a Costume contest for the Children, Bobbing for Apples and of course will have a Pumpkin Carving contest as well.