Happy ending massage nail salons Roseville, California

happy ending massage nail salons Roseville, California

If you are looking to soothe or to stimulate, Happy Day Spa conveniently situated Our professional massage therapists are all well trained and can help you to.
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They all follow the same format: lay on belly, massage your back with sheet on, then massage your back with sheet off, legs, flip over and massage arms, legs, neck and head. None of them speak much English except the rude little girl who sits at the front desk, so if you have any issues you have to tell her.

Little girl at the desk needs to learn how to crack a smile, and speak nicely. I was a regular here until tonight. During my massage today, I was asked to remove my shirt. Usually the masseuse is able to get my back while I am still clothed, so today when the man told me to take of my shirt while DURING my massage, I was very confused and hesitant. He later then moved on to my lower back and pulled down my leggings down just a bit. By this point I felt very violated where I felt it was so unnecessary to even grab my clothing himself without my consent.

To top it off, he even did me the "favor" of pulling them back up for me while managing to also pick up my thong and flick it!!! So AKWARD it even made that "flick" noise. Accident or not, it ruined my massage and I should of walked away!!! Ladies please be aware!!! My wife and I have been here numerous times. All of our experiences prior to today, have been acceptable or great. Today was different for me. During my foot reflexology massage, I was given "Lee", it was the worst experience I have ever had, not just at Happy Day Spa, but ever, anywhere.

I went in to relax, I proceeded to endure pointed knuckles, ground into, and driven across the bottom of my foot, leading me to first tell him, "Not so hard", that was obviously misinterpreted to mean "Harder". This pushed me to say, "Softer Please", which then resulted in barely tolerable, but not at all pleasurable. Again I found the pressure to be too much, so I grunted and pulled my foot away. The experience then nearly repeated with my back and his elbows, it was horrible.

I use to look forward to going here. Informed the masseuse that it there was still time left. The second half of the massage was rushed. Other than that it was good and I did appreciate it.

It was comparable to other art of reflexology massages. After the oil he grabbed a hot rag and in a scrubbing motion wiped it off. Not the most pleasant personally but the hot rag felt nice. For the price it was good! I know because of previous experiences but for people who have never had one that could have been really awkward.

Feel like I got scammed. I had a groupon, booked an appointment and showed up. I mentioned that I had called the number on the groupon. I was so upset but felt like I had no choice but to pay, California.

Meanwhile, my groupon for the other location expired because I went on one of the last days to use it. I was so fortunate to have Helen as my masseuse. She is amazing and has strong hands. She knew exactly where I needed more attention, California, on my neck and shoulders.

I like how she videos blonde teen girl gives massage with happy ending Las Vegas, Nevada on my comfort level periodically, and made adjustments according to my needs.

The price here is very good. I will definitely be back! Be aware that even though the name is Happy Day it does not honor the coupons from other similar spas with exact name and logo and set up as you would think from Folsom or Stockton.

Very misleading to the consumer. The manager Lenna did say they were. Oddly they sell the exact coupon packages that I tried to redeem but refused to honor it because it was purchased elsewhere. Maybe a name change so we are clear on what to expect as consumers would be the right thing to do.

This place used to be great. The past handful of experiences I have, have been awful. Some massages, you are in fear the whole time of "when are they gonna hurt you next". The massages used to be wonderful and they knew what they were doing, now it seems like this place is just a bunch of people who have never studied anything about giving massages. First off, the girl at the front desk is awkward, unfriendly and borderline rude.

Secondly, I walked in and it smelt like rotten egg AND some. No doors were open, no ventilation, no one even seemed bothered by this. I requested a male for my one hour massage, hoping it would be a good one. Unfortunately for me, the guy applied happy ending massage mishawaka Round Rock, Texas pressure, happy ending massage nail salons Roseville.

It felt more like an oil rub than reflexology. The worst part were his hand smelt like cigarettes. They seemed pretty miserable to be honest. Try smiling or saying hi, it goes a long way! All in all, bad experience. Their customer service is bad, the massage was extremely disappointing and weak and overall it was a stinky experience. The masseuse sat next to me on the bed and farted true story. Never felt more uncomfortable to be somewhere.

I was feeling extremely tense due to stress so I happy ending massage nail salons Roseville to make an appt for a happy ending massage nail salons Roseville body Swedish massage. The massage started out myfirstpornscene.info the second the got to my shoulders it went from relaxing to extremely painful.

Although I expected it to hurt due to me being so "tight" I was literally writhing on the bed the whole time. Once she stopped with the massage she got a warm towel out to "wipe off the lotion" but then she began MASSAGING OVER THE TOWEL! I had to tell her to stop multiple times. After I got home I noticed I basically had rug burns all over my back because of her rubbing so hard. I will never step foot in this place again. Do not go here!!!! I received a scalp massage which was more like the equivalent of a child playing with and messing up my hair.

When he got to my feet, he used the same motion of rubbing, happy ending massage nail salons Roseville, which did not feel nice, and not at all relaxing. I told him to go softer and slower and he proceeded to go the same pace, but harder. When I walked out, I complained to the receptionist and she told me that lots of people like and request for Kevin.

I told her, i came in for a massage and not a rub down. I left feeling more tense than when i first came in! I would be surprised if any of their "massage therapists" were licensed. Pls DO NOT ever go to this bangkok sandwitch massage Denton, Texas, pay a little bit more and go to another place.

NOT professional, at all. I should have know when walked in and the receptionist tried to sell me their packages, happy ending massage nail salons Roseville. I notice her demeanor quickly changed when i declined to buy them. Had a hot stone massage with Jimmy and feel completely molested.

Thin white sheet, bright light. Asked me to turn over at the end note-thin white sheet and bright lightso I asked for an extra towel. The worst, most awkward and inappropriate massage of my life. I am a massage therapist.

I specialize in sports and injury management. This is the place I go to in order to "fix" me. Sometimes there is a language barrier, but if you communicate to the receptionist, she will pass along requests. I appreciate this place! I bet they ask them: you wanna work? I California massage at Happy Day Spa Fairway. My first time here, California.

I gave it a shot because my CMTs Certified Massage Therapists in other places were all booked up for a month. Strong garlic breathe and moldy, stale odor from the massage therapist who barely spoke English.

Certified Massage Therapist licenses on display seem to be fake. Receptionist was chewing gum and very impersonal. Dirty linen and crumpled on the massage table. Loud voices next doors during the massage myfirstpornscene.info definitely not return here. No wonderall of my CMTs that I was going to were fully book like a month from now and then this Happy Day Spa is a " walk in" place. The " Swedish Massage" was not a " Swedish Massage" at all- it was heavy rubbing of sticky oil with the elbowhyper-extending and hyper-flexing of your arms and legs, head massage, heavy pressure on your butt cheeks.

If you have a medical condition, the more you should not come here. There was no form that you fill out about your medical condition that they need to know about.

It is a red flag., happy ending massage nail salons Roseville. Do not come here if you want a professional massage not a creepy one. This place has gotten worse and worse over the months. My last experience was definitely the strangest of all and guaranteed it will be my last time there.

In the middle of California massage, a VERY LOUD fight broke out between two employees in the hallway. I was actually frightened for my own safety at the level of screaming; I thought there would be violence. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. During my foot reflexology massage, I was given "Lee", it was the worst experience I have ever had, not just at Happy Day Spa, but ever, anywhere. Again I found the pressure to be too much, so I grunted and pulled my foot away.

I would be surprised if any of their "massage therapists" were licensed. It is a red flag. We have professional massage therapists who are well trained and can help you gain a tremendous experience with a deep relaxation.

Working together with our friendly and professional staffs, we hope to achieve higher satisfaction. We started our first store in Sacramento est. Skip to Search Form. Skip to Page Content.

You can see all the licenses!. The LASIK Vision Institute. Pleasant Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics., California. As a dentist in Roseville, we offer modern dentistry at an affordable price. We are proud to be your complete Roseville dental provider by offering you great specialty services and advanced equipment, including…. Recommended Reviews for Happy Day Spa. Search within the reviews. Was this review …?.

Stop following Amanda T. Stop following Daniel B. Stop following Shelly B. Stop following Celest Y. Stop following Lauren B. Stop following Jasmin K. Stop following Ashlee W. Here is the "rug burn" on my back from the towel. Stop following Shirley T. Stop following Janelle E. Stop following Melody S.

Stop following Ashley M. You Might Also Consider. Not only does she know her anatomy well, she also knows how to apply her skills into an unforgettable massage experience. Vicky gives a deep massage California sinks in…". At Sacramento Dental we work together like a family and treat patients as if they are part of our own family.

Send to your Phone. Learn more about Happy Day Spa. Working together with our friendly and professional staffs, California hope to achieve higher satisfaction. You might also consider. Albert J LaShell Bowen Therapy. Ok, let me explain.

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Their prices are outstanding! At Happy Day Spa, our priority is to provide our clients with the utmost relaxation and we aim to pay every attention to the precious moments that belong to you. Aroma spa is clean, tidy, and has warm lighting. It helps to obtain maximum conditioning by increasing power, endurance and flexibility both before and after an event or work out. Latest Reviews Around You MPs Near You Newest MPs In US. Consistent pricing, service and quality are always guaranteed. happy ending massage nail salons Roseville, California