How much to tip massage with happy ending Laredo, Texas

how much to tip massage with happy ending Laredo, Texas

Video embedded  · Here are the answers to common embarrassing massage questions. Menu. If you get a massage at a spa or hotel, a 15% to 20% tip is standard if you.
How do I get a happy ending from a masseuse? Should I tip her well if she gives you a happy ending? Where can one find a happy ending massage in Lake County.
You probably didn't have time to read every article we published on VICE for a massage, and customers then pay an extra tip happy ending massage.

How much to tip massage with happy ending Laredo, Texas - stifled

Tips and Wellness Tools. The happy ending is simply the natural extension of that with a great release at the end. THAT kind of massage if I am understanding you correctly, is illegal... In fact, too much pressure can cause muscles to seize up. When I first discovered your blog, I did spend time going through the back log. Please Sign In Login or Sign Up now to post a comment! Then she invariably starts jerking me off, which I expected, but not this soon.

How much to tip massage with happy ending Laredo, Texas - was "just

To our disappointment, there will, or there are, always be guys who are too gullible and over tip because they thought the provider made them feel like a king and they are the only one. Login or sign up. Depends on service but my rule of thumb.. Any rules the masseuse must follow? I called again, and she said come across the street to this massive apartment complex. None of those girls were really my type. Metropolitan DC Local Politics. Shady Asian Massage Parlor Prank - Ownage Pranks how much to tip massage with happy ending Laredo, Texas

Ever drive by one of those places with a red neon sign that says "SPA" and wonder what Texas on behind those blackened windows?

So just lay back, relax, and let me do my job. And remember - I work for tips. When I first discovered your blog, I did spend time going through the back log. In fact, I think I read every one of your previous posts, on work time of course. I enjoy your stories and your writing, how much to tip massage with happy ending Laredo.

Hey CJ, Cool blog. Rightly or wrongly, I was surprised. I went to today and found an ad that said two new girls in town. It was under "escort" and not "back rub" but still, I assumed it was a massage and they just advertised everywhere. I also assumed it was the usual massage parlor business, the ones in the mini malls invariably next to many places to be seen.

With the walk of shame past cafe diners to follow. So I called the number and the girl told me to go to this one intersection and call her. So I arrived at the intersection, which is in a busy part of town, and she told me a street address at one of the streets that runs into the intersection.

I arrived at the address, which was a random one-story building that said something-something, MD or DDS. I called again, and she said come across the street to this massive apartment complex. Then she gave me a code and the apartment number. It would be hard to sting this place. Actually, when the door opened nobody appeared, and it took her a few seconds to appear from behind the door. She took me to one of two bedrooms. Mind you, she was wearing a short skirt and a bra when she opened the door.

She immediately hugged me and felt my muscles blah blah. She asked how she could help me or what I wanted. No talk of sex or full-service or blow job or anything. I would never pay for sex. She left the room, with the money.

I took off my shirt, shorts, and underwear, and went to lie on the bed, chest down. She returned and promptly took off her shirt and skirt. She got on the bed and started rubbing my calves, thighs, back, shoulders, and arms. She proceeded immediately to put lotion in my left hand, and told me to rub my hands together. Then she invariably starts jerking me off, which I expected, but not this soon.

Then about thirty seconds later she started giving me head, no condom of course, Texas. And jerking me off. So a blow job, Texas. And kept this up for a couple minutes. Then she stopped, sat back, and started rolling a condom on my dick. Then she said, "Wow, that is a big dick. So she left and scampered to the bathroom for a few seconds, and came back. She immediately straddled me and tried to guide my dick into her pussy. Now, honestly, all I really wanted was a legitimate massage and a blow job, or in the very least, a hand job.

She kept trying to force her pussy on my dick, lightly and playfully, but I told her not this time, with a smile Texas course. So how much to tip massage with happy ending Laredo took off the condom and started to blow me and jerk me off again.

Then we started kissing, with tongue, and she licked my nipples and I played with hers. With the condom off she tried again, playfully, to mount me but I declined. So she continued jerking me off, and I told her I wanted to cum in her mouth, which she declined.

Then I asked if I could cum on her chest, which she said was fine. So we reversed positions, and I came onto her chest. She told me I had a big load. She kept licking my nipple when I was trying to how much to tip massage with happy ending Laredo. I kept thinking that the cum would drip down into her pussy and potentially get her pregnant, which is my worst fear.

We cleaned up the cum pretty good, and she jumped up, went to the bathroom, and sprayed something on her chest. She took the shower head and it looked like she started spraying it in her pussy, really trying to clean it.

I went back, put on my shorts and shirt, and she put on her skirt and top. She was talking to someone on the phone right then, half on the bed, in Chinese. She hugged me again, kissed me, and told me to call her next time on her number or, in the alternative, to ask for her on the regular number.

She opened the door and I saw another girl, naked, walking in the living room. This other girl was much hotter in my opinion. Taller, with big tits, and spoke flawless English. My girl spoke sub-par English, was shorter, and had small to average tits, nowhere near the other girl.

Which sucked because I was under the impression when I opened the door there would be some older lady, a mamasan, who would let me pick or something. My girl said the other girl was new. When I was putting on my shoes, I was talking to the other girl, who was naked, big tits hanging out, behind the counter-bar area of the apartment kitchen.

Texas said she lived in New York previously. Any thoughts on any of this? My girl just opened the door. Honestly, at first, I thought she might be the mamasan, but she looked too young to be one.

And her short skirt and top gave it away. Is this normal for a guy to get a "massage" by whoever happens to answer the door or the phone? I assume my girl was the one talking to me on the phone. Ah, I really wish I had a massage by the other girl. My girl was too petite. The other girl was big tits. I found one who said she was out of town for another week and another only did outcalls, though the one that does outcalls is half Asian-half white and is exactly my type.

So how would I be able to see that other Asian girl with big tits without offending this girl who gave me a massage? My girl asked if I had a boyfriend and seemed to really like me, though I would never date her. How do I call in and get that other big-tit girl if my girl answered the phone when I called today? Also, and perhaps more importantly, how can I get an outcall if I live at home?

I have a professional career. I live at home because I like it and it saved me a lot of money. And when the girl is originally from China or another country it really makes me nervous. Sorry for the onslaught of story and questions. I just got back and have a lot on my mind.

This part should have been first. Thought I saved it properly. Is it just me or does this look similar? It feels much more discreet. One girl gave me a hand job but said next time a hundred for fucking. Two other girls seemed to dance their hands around my dick, never actually jerking me off. One helped put my dick back in my underwear though. A third offered sex but I just took a blowjob, handjob, and fingered her.

None of those girls were really my type. The fifth girl was my regular. I paid her for massage only. But I also massaged her, fingered her, and fucked her, with two condoms. Does it all depend on how much money you donate to them? Oh yes, the girl today used that word "donation". How many guys are "groomed"? Like, what percent are shaved, trimmed, not at all? Hege give good story of eascort matter.

I like to rad them. This is really hot and sexy. I have a great relationship with the older asian woman at my local parlor she treats me well great massage and a little treat at the end. Happyendingz - confessions of an erotic masseuse. Basic Massage Parlor Tips for Newbies. I love this time of year. The freakin snow is finally gone. The weather is getting warmer. And guys are finally coming out of winter hibernation and visiting The Business.

Of course it helps that everyone is just now getting their tax refunds. I was wondering where all these new faces have been hiding and Trina half jokingly blamed my blog. Luckily, none of theses newbies have said anything.

One of the first things I ask a new customer is Texas where did you hear about us? But what I really wanted to talk about today is all the newbie mistakes they keep making! So what I want to talk about today is. Basic Massage Parlor Tips for Newbies Several of my early blog posts cover this topic, but I wonder if any of you new readers have even bothered to look at the old stuff.

A lot of good info in there guys. But consider today a sort of refresher. This also applies to the front desk. But this is a leap of faith that you have to make. Once in the room, your masseuse may reveal that she offers "clothing options" at the beginning of the massage like me. But bringing it up outside the room is just in poor form and will probably get your ass thrown out.

I had to throw out a couple of newbies for this just recently. These guys would not stop asking about options while standing at the front desk. Hey - what do you expect? This is a MASSAGE PARLOR, not a brothel. But really, if you want to know what I am willing to do just ask.

The polite way to find out if a masseuse will suck your cock is " Excuse me, but are you full service? We HATE grabby guys. I allow most customers to happy ending atlanta massage Lakewood, Colorado within reason, but you have to ask first.

I had to do that with a newbie last week. But this newbie would not stop trying to finger me. First strike is a warning. Second strike is stop touching me at all. Third strike is your ass out on the street. Take for example this guy who asked too many questions at the front desk. I told him to save it for the room, and he did.

BUT, once in the room he was all " Will you do this? Sure, I may have lost a tip but this guy totally made me nervous. Now go on out there and cash in those refund checks! You deserve a little treat after handing over all your money to Uncle Sam last year. See ya this weekend!

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